Time trade is our business

In near future, From business man to housewife every individual has to have virtual time; as of now we have virtual currency. Global TVM is the pioneer of this new era & we are offering you the feature rich platform to make a start.

  • Accounting Transparency

    We are offering a clear, concise and balanced view of your company's financial health to our Community member. . .more

  • Stable Income

    Our Members will get a Fix Income in every month apart from their trade benefits. At the initial level profits. . .more

  • Extra Income (Dividend)

    As we mentioned that Global TVM is a Community based organization, we always commit to giving benefits. . .more

  • Fraud Protection

    Total Security! You can take steps now to protect yourself from debit, credit, Paypal or Net Banking frauding. . .more

  • No International Border Barriers

    As we have our own Exchange so any can join in our community from any corner of the world and enjoy the transaction. . .more

  • No PCI compliance Required

    As per our community guideline, we don't accept Debit or Credit card, as there are more chances of fraudulent. . .more